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Full newborn photography session and one hour wrapped newborn session comparison

A question asked often is what’s the difference between a full newborn photography session and a wrapped newborn photography session?  A full newborn session includes posed newborn photography, portraits in props and family newborn photography.   This requires much more time at the session, experience and skill in posed newborn photography and time after the session editing In comparison to a wrapped newborn session.  A wrapped newborn session involves swaddling a newborn and placing them in back only positions for the entire session.  Our newborn short and sweet wrapped newborn session is just one hour in duration in comparison to a full newborn photography session which averages 3 – 4 hours.  Our short and sweet wrapped newborn photography session includes images of your baby placed in props in back only positions fully swaddled and does not include posed newborn photography or family newborn photography.  As a limited introductory offer, ONE family portrait is included in our wrapped one hour newborn photography session for bookings secured by the 31st July 2019 only.

Posed newborn photography full session inclusions:

  • Studio session between 3 – 4 hours including re-settling and top-up feeds.  Full newborn photography is a permanent product and open to babies up to four weeks with the understanding that less posed results can be expected for babies over 16 days old.
  • Posed Images of your baby.  Your baby is sculpted into the most beautiful posed positions in a minimalist way without props taking the attention away from your babies little details.  The photographer works on a posing surface specifically designed for newborn photography and to maximize a baby’s comfort. The photographer captures images of your baby unclothed and also incorporates flowing draped wraps, hair flowers and bonnets.
  • Images of your baby posed in a parents hands, on a parents arm, or in a sling.  These types of images are created using illusion and are a product of several images edited together to remove hands safely supporting a baby.  A professional newborn photographer who has been trained in posed newborn photography and safety will never ever actually suspend a newborn in mid-air or force a baby into a pose they are uncomfortable with.
  • Images of your baby in props (bowls, nests, beds, wreaths, rustic crates, buckets) posed into forward-facing poses (baby-led) and posed back laying positions both naked and semi wrapped to conceal the nappy.  Prop portraits also incorporate hair flowers, bonnets, backdrops, artificial flowers, accessories, prop layers, hand felted wool layers, soft unspun wool, blankets, wraps, lace and are styled in your preferred colours.
  • Sibling /Newborn Images
  • Mother/Newborn Images
  • Father/Newborn Images
  • Couple/Newborn images
  • Family portraits (2 adults and siblings)
  • Newborn session guide
  • Personalized and customized.  We provide you with a client questionnaire to design your session and follow this up with a one to one email communication and phone consultation. Tell us what colours you like,  the images in our portfolio you love and we plan and style the session around your own personal taste from our existing collection of props and accessories.
  • Editing. A greater amount of time is invested. The more newborn skin visible, the more editing required.  On average a gallery of 25 images can take over 16 hours to hand edit.  Newborn skin is not very flattering in that first month and does require work post-process to remove little skin flakes, baby acne, correct purple under the nose, correct red splotches, even out skin tones, reduce the appearance of jaundice and edit out hands supporting the baby in select poses.
  • A greater number of fully edited images are presented for you to choose from in a private online gallery or in person coupled with a print design consultation if you’ve chosen to invest in pro-printed fine art products rather than just digital images.
  • Optional Al a carte premium pro-printed fine art products are available to purchase separately or a customized package can be created for you
  • A full newborn photography session in 2019 is $490 and includes 15 high-resolution digital images (30 in total including the duplicate black and white version corresponding to your chosen colour selections) with 25 fully edited images to select from. Prices in effect at the time of booking apply.

Short and sweet one hour wrapped newborn photography inclusions:

  • One hour studio session
  • Open to babies up to six weeks
  • The short and sweet one hour wrapped newborn photography session is a limited time offer and is not a permanent product. A set number of places are open for booking until the 1/9/2019 or until sold out. This offer will not be repeated in the near future.
  • No posed positions of your baby
  • No images of your baby in outfits or unclothed
  • Your baby is fully wrapped (swaddled) from start to finish
  • Your baby is placed in back laying positions in props
  • No mother/newborn portraits
  • No father/newborn portraits
  • No sibling/newborn portraits
  • No couple/newborn portraits
  • One single-family portrait (2 adults and siblings) is included for bookings secured by 31 / 7 / 2019.  No family portrait is  included for bookings secured after 31/ 7 / 2019,
  • No customization.  The photographer determines the styling, props, colours and the types of images to be included.
  • Your session details are emailed along with a date, time and a newborn prep checklist to help you prepare. No phone consultation or further Q&A is provided.
  • Editing: Less visible skin means less editing required.  We individually hand remove skin flakes, baby acne, and lightly retouch the natural texture of newborn skin. Natural features and personal presentation is edited “As is”.
  • Clients receive the number of digital images in high resolution that can be attained within the hour commencing at the scheduled time.  Fewer images can be expected in the remaining time of that scheduled hour if late.  The number of images achievable is subject to newborns arriving fully fed and settled.  On-time arrivals with a fully fed and settled baby who have followed the newborn prep checklist can expect at minimum ten images delivered in an online private gallery for self download.  Additional images captured in this time (excluding near-duplicates and images not meeting quality standards) are also included.
  • No printed products are included. Al a carte premium pro-printed fine art products are available to purchase separately for an additional cost and are optional
  • The newborn short and sweet one-hour session is suited to clients seeking snapshot style photography rather than polished fine art photography.
  • A one hour short and sweet newborn photography session is $350
  • Examples of swaddled newborns fully wrapped and placed in physical and digital props for a one hour short and sweet wrapped newborn photography session are available here


Full newborn photography session examples captured by Canberra newborn photographer Bronwyn Parsons

The following images are examples of the types of images included in a full newborn photography session starting at $490 for a 15 image digital-only collection.

Posed Newborn Photography - Canberra Newborn Photography
Newborn bottom up pose
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn posed with hands on chin
Posed newborn photography
Newborn bottom up pose
Canberra Baby Photography
Newborn Pose in Parent Hands
Baby Photography Canberra
Bottom up pose and hands on chin pose
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn side-lying pose
Baby Photography
Newborn Huck Finn Pose in Sling
Newborn Photographer Canberra
Newborn side-lying pose
Canberra Newborn Photography
Newborn Huck Finn Pose in Prop
Newborn Baby Portrait Canberra
Newborn Hands on Chin Pose in Prop
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn Froggy Pose
Newborn photography canberra
Newborn froggy pose in parent hands
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn hands on chin pose in prop
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn hands on chin pose in parent hands
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn adapted Huck Finn pose in prop
Posed Newborn Photography
Newborn Huck Finn pose in prop
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn Pose in prop
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn Huck Finn Pose in digital prop
Newborn Sibling Photography
Newborn Photographer Canberra
Newborn Sibling Photography
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn Sibling Photography
Baby Photography Canberra
Newborn Sibling Photography
Canberra Family Newborn Photography
Newborn Mother Portrait
Newborn Family Photography Canberra
Family Newborn Portrait
Family Newborn Photography Canberra
Mother and Newborn Portrait
Canberra Newborn Family Photography
Family newborn portrait

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