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Family Photography Canberra
Family Portrait Photography
Family Photography Canberra

Bronwyn Parsons Photography is a full-service professional family photographer, undertaking family portrait photography in Canberra and Queanbeyan.  Our family photography sessions capture emotion, love and the connection you share with your family.

We're so happy you've recognized the importance of having quality family photographs of your closest loved ones.  One day those family portraits will become your most cherished memories of watching your children grow.

Why invest in professional family portraits

Something happens to us when we see pictures of ourselves with family. We feel the little details that remind us of that moment in time and nostalgia sets in. Pictures, like memories and stories are your families legacy.

Family portraits are passed down and being present in them will one day be the most precious gift your children and your children's children will have to remember you by.

We take so many photos with our phones and I often wonder if snap chat filters will be what remains for our children to remember their childhood by. Mobile phones are so convenient but they leave a void in family photos that can't be filled unless you decide to be in them too.

Nothing is more precious than having beautiful family photos. Life gets busy with little ones and we're all guilty of putting them off.  "I have nothing nice to wear, the kids will never sit still, the pre-baby body is gone, we can't afford it"  Sound familiar?  Life's short, kids grow up fast and little moments pass by so quickly.  If your here, reading this it means you've been thinking about this for quite some time.  Now's  the time act, give us a call and lets start creating something special together.

Why choose us as your family photographer

We want your children to be children and your family to be you.  Family photography is our thing! We've produced beautiful family portraits including toddlers and threenagers in the midst of every human emotion known to man.

We've woven the magic of a child's imagination into stunning family portraits, have made family photography appealing to teens and have helped remind families of the people they were and the people they will always be.

We don't insist on smiles, or make you dress in matching outfits (awkward!), we won't make you strike a pose (unless you want to!) but we will capture your family bond in a way that you want to remember, showing the love and connection your family shares.

We don't just give you a date and show up on the day. On average we invest 16 hours behind the scenes planning, consulting, capturing, post-processing, delivering your beautiful fine art and following up with you.

We aim to give you all the tools, share all our tips and tricks to make the process a stress free and enjoyable experience. If this sounds like something you need, let's start creating something beautiful together.

How we help you prepare for your family photography session

Regardless of what stage of life your family is at or how your family is structured, the countless little moments you share make your story unique.  Our first step is to talk to you about your family photography needs.

To capture your families story we take the time to plan your session by learning about the adventures you've shared, what family stories you have, what traditions you share, what funny little things your kids do, what struggles you've faced and how you'd like us to capture these moments for you to remember in years to come.

We aim to  find out a little about the decor in your home so that we can guide you on locations and wardrobe styling that best suits your lifestyle and your homes decor. We will help you coordinate colours and textures and assist you to style the entire crew from things you already have.

We can provide advice on natural looking hair and make-up,  provide tips and tricks on how to flatter natural features and will even help you prepare young children for the experience.

We provide clients with a phone consultation and a comprehensive family session guide so you can refer back to it at any time.

You'll also receive our product guide to get you thinking about where you'd like to display your beautiful family portraits and the exciting options ahead beyond a standard canvas or 8 x 10.

Family Photography Canberra
Family Photography Canberra

Book Your Session

We are one of Canberra’s best affordable family and children’s photographers. Choose just the essentials, something in between or indulge in the ultimate full service experience. Bronwyn Parsons Photography operates by appointment only. Our calendar typically books 3 months in advance. To avoid disappointment, we recommend pre-booking in advance of your preferred session date. From time to time, we do have last minute openings and welcome you to contact us to be placed on a wait list if you require a last minute booking.


Session Fee: $100. The session fee is payment for the photographer’s time in undertaking work that happens before your session, communicating with you and during the session itself. It does not include any digital or printed products.

Digital Collections: starting at $280 (inclusive of session fee)

Prints: Fine art prints with art mount start at $85. Fine art canvas wall mounts start at $165. Premium metal wall mounts start at $215. Traditional famed fine art wall mounts start at $290. Acrylic wall mounts start at $400.

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