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Have you updated your family photos lately?

Have you updated your family photos lately?

Why you shouldn’t delay



Kids sure do grow up quickly. It’s important to mark those little moments now, and update your family photos before they grow up. In a few years time asking the kids to participate in any family activity that involves removing earbuds and putting down the iPhone will be like pulling teeth. You’ll quickly find yourself in a negotiation about extra internet time via text message or snap chat. Chances might improve slightly if you arrange a surprise photo shoot where rare Pokemon spawn. It’s much easier to photograph the kids while they are still little enough to be coaxed into it gently. Bribery becomes MUCH more expensive as they get older, jelly snake or new iPhone?

I love spending the day with beautiful families like this. For a small moment, I get to be part of their world. Like a fly on the wall capturing connection, emotion and little candid moments that only they share. A photo session doesn’t need to be about matching t-shirts and strained smiles. Canberra has so many forgotten locations to explore, making the day fun and exciting for everyone. Let me take you on an adventure and while we are there I’ll create some beautiful images that you’ll want to hang on your wall year after year.

So what are you waiting for? time doesn’t stand still but a photo on your wall does.




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babyinfo top ten award 2018

2018 babyinfo Top 10 Award — Canberra Newborn Photographers

2018 babyinfo Top 10 Award

— Canberra Newborn Photographers

Welcome to all my new followers. For those of you who found me through a recent award, I’m Bronwyn the person behind the lens. I’ve been immersed in the newborn photography industry for close to five years and have been a photographic film and digital artist for many many more. Nothing brings me more joy than to create the most exquisite newborn imagery for the families of Canberra. Having something so beautiful that perfectly captures that fleeting newborn phase is a pleasure to be part of and absolutely something you want to research and get right.

I’m honored to have be recognized as one of Canberra’s Top 10 Best Newborn Photographers, awarded by babyinfo. A huge congrats to my amazingly talented colleagues in Canberra and around Australia who also received this honor. I just wanted to say thanks to my wonderful clients who understand and value the time professional photographers invest not just at the session itself but behind the scenes from start to finish to create something truly meaningful for you.

If you are expecting a baby or have recently had a baby I’d love to create something beautiful for you. If you’ve not experienced posed newborn photography before, I’m here to answer all your questions and welcome you to contact me for a complimentary pre-booking consultation. Newborn Photography



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