Rhys Rustic Cake Smash

Rustic Cake Smash When thunderstorms rain on your scheduled 1st birthday cake smash and your smile is turned upside down, all you can do is have a slice of cake and hope for sunnier days ahead.  That’s exactly what Canberra delivered the morning of  Rhys re-scheduled rustic cake smash. There’s something so magical about this woodsy location.  It makes the perfect backdrop for our Rustic Cake Smash set-up with “Mike” the resident gentle giant kangaroo popping in to say hello. […]

Family and Child Photography Canberra

Have you updated your family photos lately?

Have you updated your family photos lately? Why you shouldn’t delay     Kids sure do grow up quickly. It’s important to mark those little moments now, and update your family photos before they grow up. In a few years time asking the kids to participate in any family activity that involves removing earbuds and putting down the iPhone will be like pulling teeth. You’ll quickly find yourself in a negotiation about extra internet time via text message or snap […]

Toddler Photography Canberra

DIY tips for photographing your toddler or Baby by Bronwyn Parsons

DIY tips for photographing your Toddler or Baby by Bronwyn Parsons Photography, Canberra Baby and Family Photographer Toddler and Baby Photography Photographing a toddler or crawling baby is one of the most rewarding aspects of being Baby and Family photographer. They have long progressed from the immobile state of a newborn and photographing them is challenging. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to get some wonderful shots of these busy little bee’s.  While it does require skill to produce a […]

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Bronwyn Parsons Photography – Newborn Promo

Newborn Promo Video

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZQY34Dm6Ls&w=1920&h=1080]

How to create a custom facebook collage in Lightroom

How to create a custom facebook collage in Lightroom

Baby Photography Canberra

Baby Johaan Newborn Session

Baby Johaan   Baby Johaan Newborn Session. Early Christmas presents don’t get much better than this. Johaan’s name is so close to my own Son’s that I for the life of me could not spell anything else whilst photographing a very special shot for Johaan’s Mummy and Daddy. Johaan was very interested in the studio lights, his mummy sings like an angel and his Daddy was so helpful (thank you!) My warmest congratulations to your beautiful family on the arrival of […]

Family Photography Canberra

Family Photo Shoot

Oct 23, 2018 Outdoor Family Photo Shoot Family Photo Shoot The sweetest siblings and family. There were lots of entertaining moments with these two. When was the last time you were in a family photo with your children that didn’t involve a mobile phone or funky filters and overlays? I’m always here to help if you’d like to do something about that.

babyinfo top ten award 2018

2018 babyinfo Top 10 Award — Canberra Newborn Photographers

2018 babyinfo Top 10 Award — Canberra Newborn Photographers Welcome to all my new followers. For those of you who found me through a recent award, I’m Bronwyn the person behind the lens. I’ve been immersed in the newborn photography industry for close to five years and have been a photographic film and digital artist for many many more. Nothing brings me more joy than to create the most exquisite newborn imagery for the families of Canberra. Having something so […]

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Baby WIllow

Baby Willow Birth Announcement